Resource Links Review - Ghost Voyages II

Reviewed by: Laura Reilly

The perception that stamp collecting is a dull pastime is quickly dispelled in this time travel book. As the title implies, this is the second in a series. By examining the stamp collection that he has inherited from his grandfather, eleven-year-old Jeremy embarks on fantastic adventures. In the first Ghost Voyages, Jeremy travels on the Northcote and the Nonsuch. In Ghost Voyages II, Jeremy travels with John Cabot on the Matthew. As in the first Ghost Voyages, Jeremy time travels when things are not going well in his home life. Jeremy's mother is upset by his father's petition of custody after she demands higher child support payments. In turn her frustration causes happiness for Jeremy. The travels back in time are a respite as well as educational and exciting. As incredible as it sounds eventually Jeremy becomes as interested in stamp collecting as he does in time travel. "He decided that even stamps useless for time travel could be useful in other ways."

The Ghost Voyages stories are best read in sequence. Reading the books in order gives a better understanding of Jeremy's life and his discovery of how the stamps and time travel are related. Because of the tie in with stamps and Canadian history, Ghost Voyages II is a useful resource tool to incorporate into a variety of curriculum studies. The story is light and suitable to a classroom of students with a variety of reading skills. The historical content is accurate and the nature of the story brings life to Canada's history. Ghost Voyages II is also a good gift for budding philatelists. It is recommended for both public and school libraries as well as for classroom sets.

Thematic Links: Stamp Collecting; Canadian History; Sailing Ships; Time Travel

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