Resource Links Review - Door Into Faerie

Reviewed by: Patricia Jermey

King Arthur's legendary sword Excalibur has been broken into five shards, and this book concludes with the discovery of the fifth piece. Our heroine, Ariane, now has two of the shards, and continues in her quest to reassemble the sword on behalf of the Lady of the Lake, which will allow her to finally close the door to the realm of Faerie. Her friend, Wally Knight, has now become more than just a friend, as their relationship has grown stronger. Rex Major, the computer genius who is the current incarnation of Merlin the Magician, also has two shards, and has enhanced his position by befriending Wally's sister Felicia, who shares with Wally the bloodline of King Arthur.

The international travel takes us to Scotland this time, to Castle McPheiden, the ancestral home of Wally's mother's family. When his mother goest there to research and film a documentary, Rex Major follows her and Ariane and Wally are close behind. We learn that the first Knight to move to Canada was a son of the McPheiden family, and brought with him an important historical artifact, which he referred to as a "secret treasure". The novel's climax occurs at his burial site in the graveyard in Cannington Manor Provincial Park, where Rex Major confronts Ariane and Wally who have found the hil [sic] and now have the sword intact. The intervention of the Lady of the Lake prompts Ariane to use Excalibur to open the door to Faerie. But the knights who come through the portal are divided in their loyalties between Rex and the Lady, and an epic battle ensues. With Wally's skills with the sword, and Ariane's strengthened powers, they are victorious, and by closing the door to Faerie and concealing the sword, they end the quest. 

The overlay of the Arthurian legend on a modern Canadian context continues to work well. As a quest epic spanning five novels, the plotlines and character development are all brought to a satisfying conclusion. Readers who have followed Ariane and Wally's relationship will be pleased that this Arthurian tale has a happy ending. 

Thematic Links: Legend - King Arthur; Fantasy; Adventure

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