CM Magazine Review - The Lake in the Clouds

Reviewed by: Ronald Hore

Lake in the Clouds is the third volume in a series that will have at least four books. It consists of 211 pages divided into 17 chapters plus a page of acknowledgements, a page about the author, and a page listing the other books in the "Shards of Excalibur" series.

      The story is told from the point of view of two modern characters, Ariane, a young teenage girl anointed by The Lady of the Lake with the power to control and use water, and Wally, a young teenage boy who may be a descendent of King Arthur and also someone with certain powers. The villain in the tale is an industrialist, Rex Major, who is Merlin. Rex is hunting for the magic sword Excalibur which would allow him to control our world, and ultimately the land of Fairie. The Lady of the Lake wants to stop him from doing this. To recover the sword, someone must gather up all the broken shards and bring them together. The author has done a good job of making his characters complete with faults and shades of grey; the villain and the heroes all have uncertainties.

      After the last book, Twist of the Blade, Ariane and Wally are at odds, with Wally under Rex Major's control and seeming to oppose her. Rex kidnaps Ariane's Aunt Phyllis and uses her to force Ariane to help him. While this is going on, Wally discovers the truth about Rex, frees Phyllis and goes to warn Ariane. The chase takes them across the continent to the South Pacific, covering such exotic locales as Saskatoon and New Zealand. The tale ends after the confrontation at a remote lake high in the mountains, with Phyllis rescued and Ariane and Wally reconciled. Of course, readers are left with a new crisis. Wally's sister, who hates Ariane, has joined with Rex Major, and she may have powers equal to his.

      Well written, and fast moving, with touches of humour, Lake in the Clouds will appeal to young readers who enjoy adventure as well as adults who might like a modern visit to the timeless story of King Arthur and his knights. Wally's last name is Knight.


Ronald Hore, involved with writers' groups for several years, dabbles in writing fantasy and science fiction in Winnipeg, MB.


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