For Authors:

Coteau Books is a literary press: we publish novels; short fiction collections; poetry; drama and non-fiction. Coteau Books is also a "children's publisher": Coteau Books publishes novels, or "chapter books" for young readers aged 9 – 12, and novels for both ages 13 – 15, and for ages 15 and up. Sorry, we do not publish kids' picture books.

The best way to determine if your work will catch the eye of our editors is to check out the kinds of books we have already published – on this web site or at your bookstore or library. We will also send you a copy of our current catalogue upon request.


Effective immediately, Coteau Books has gone to a submission system that is favoured by most of the publishers in our field:

We WILL receive query letters with brief (no more than 20 page) samples of your work. The letter should clearly spell out the genre and nature of the manuscript, and something of your past history as a writer – publications, awards, writing training taken, etc. If we like what we see, we'll ask for your complete manuscript so we can consider it for publication. So your submission should also clearly indicate how to get in touch with you – email if you have it, along with address and phone number.

We WILL NOT accept unsolicited submissions, manuscripts we haven't specifically asked for. Unsolicited manuscripts which are accompanied by a self-addressed envelope of sufficient size, carrying adequate return postage, will be immediately returned. Unasked-for submissions containing inadequate envelopes/postage or no envelope at all will simply be recycled.

The BASIC UNIVERSAL RULES to remember are these:

  • Coteau only publishes authors who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of this country
  • Coteau does not accept multiple, or simultaneous, submissions. We expect to have exclusive access to manuscripts that are submitted to us
  • Coteau accepts submissions via paper and email directly. PLEASE don't bother sending us a web address where we can go and check out your work. We won't do it.

The manuscript itself must be typed, in at least 12-point type, double-spaced, on one side only of 8½" x 11" white paper. If your manuscript is accepted, be prepared to submit the edited version in Microsoft Word format, or on flash/USB drive. 

If you feel your work fits our publishing program, please forward your query to Coteau Books at this address:

     Coteau Books
     2517 Victoria Ave.
     Regina, SK S4P 0T2

or email 

Please be advised that Coteau evaluates all submissions we receive, and this evaluation process typically takes three to four months from the date of submission.